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CIM 141 Creating a Web Page (Fall 2016)

Tawni Fischer

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Assignments Links
Tutorial 1: The J-Prop Shop J-Prop
Tutorial 1 - Case Problem 1: MarHigh Math High
Tut1_Case Problems 3: Dessert Web (extra credit) Torte
Tutorial 2: CAMshots CAMshots
Tutorial 2-Case Problem 3: ElectionWeb Kansas
Tutorial 3: Sunny Acres Sunny Acres
Tutorial 3-Case Problem 2: Mountain Wheels (extra credit)
Tutorial 4: Cycle Pathology Cycle Pathology
Tutorial 4-Case Problem 2: Red Ball Pizza Red Ball Pizza
Tutorial 5: KPAF KPAF Radio
Tutorial 5-Case Problem 3: dHome
Tutorial 6: Red Ball Pizza Survey Red Ball Pizza Survey
Tutorial 6-case problem 2: Spice Bowl Payment form (extra credit) Spice
Tutorial 7: Jumbo Popcorn Jumbo Popcorn
Tutorial 8: Tree and Book Tree and Book
Mobile Web Design Assignment Mobile Web Design
Tutorial 9: Wizard Works Fireworks Wizard Works Fireworks
Tutorial 10: Monroe Public Library web page Monroe Public Library
Responsive Web Design Assignment Responsive Web Design
JavaScript Drop Down Menu Assignment Javascript Drop Down Assignment
Final Project Final Project
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