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Types of Ice Cream

There are plenty of types of ice creams and some sort of ice cream type such as frozen yogurt and custards. The port of milk or cream quantity can make a difference on the type of treat you are eating. Also some ice creams contain sugars, artificial sweeteners, or natural sweetener from fruits.

Here are some brief description types of ice cream:

Hard Ice Cream
Regular ice cream made with cream or milk, sugar, and may contain eggs, stabilizers and other flavoring ingredients such as vanilla, chocolate or fruit.
French Ice Cream
Traditional ice cream made with a custard base containing cream or milk, egg yolks or whole eggs, sugar, stabilizers and other flavorings.
Soft Ice Cream
Ice cream made with cream or milk, sugar, stabilizers and flavorings that is frozen to a higher temperature in a machine that keeps the mixture soft while it’s being frozen.
Reduced Fat Ice Cream
Ice cream made with lower fat milk, sugar, stabilizers and flavorings. The amount of fat can vary based on the product.
Lactose-free Ice Cream
Ice cream made with added lactase enzyme so it contains no detectable lactose making it easy to digest for lactose intolerance people.
Italian-style Gelato
A dense ice cream generally made with more milk than cream, egg yolks, sugar, and flavorings. Gelato has a more intense flavor than traditional ice cream and less air.
Frozen Custard
It is made of at least 10% milk fat, 1.4% egg yolk, and flavoring. It has very small amount of air present in the final mix.
Ice cream variation which is a fruit based ice cream. It only uses fruit juice, fruits, flavorings, a stabilizer, and a little cream or milk.
Frozen Yogurt
Ice cream like desert made of low fat or non-fat yogurt, sweeteners, gelatin, corn syrup, and flavorings. It is claimed to be healthier than ice cream but that can depend on many factors such as added toppings.