Next Two Found

The boy walked by a clear blue lake, and saw a big tall bird squawking loudly at the water and he could hear each word:

"GO AWAY! Leave me alone! Why must you follow me? I just want a bit of peace, oh please, PLEASE let me be!"

"Are you okay?" the boy asked. "Is there someone troubling you? Me, I lost my name last night, so we're both in a stew."

"I'm being followed, by that bird," it told him in dejection.

"Bird?" the boy said looking down. "But...that's just your reflection!"

"My reflection?" squawked the bird. "You mean my beak looks that strong, my feathers that shiny... and my legs are really that long?

Golly," it said happily, then hopped about the place. "What a tall and handsome thing I am! So dainty, full of GRACE!

"I'm an IBIS," it explained, "but your name is lost, you say? Then take this I, for Ibis... my reflection, eh? HOORAY!"

The litte boy had walked for miles, and sat down on a rock...

"Ouch!" it cried, "You're squashing me!" (which gave him quite a shock!) The boy jumped up and saw below a creature now turned green. "I'm a Chameleon," it squawked, "and sitting on me's mean!"

"Sorry," said the boy, "but you were gray not long ago. In fact you looked just like a rock, so how was I to know?"

"Aha!" the creature proudly cried, "Now thats my clever trick. Red, blue, gray or yellow, I change color in a tick!"

"You're lucky," said the little boy, "I'd love to say the same. You can be just what you like - but I don't have a name!"

"You haven't go a name?" it said. "Good golly, that's a blow. Well, maybe I can help you out, before you have to go. My name is Chameleon, which starts with letter C. Take it with you, please - you see, the color's just not me!"