Two More Around

The boy came to a clearing and saw a shiny Knight, whirling wildly with his sword, pretending to fight.

"Hello" the boy said timidly. "I'm sorry to disturb you. But have you seen a name, by chance? Mine's... well, I wish I knew."

"One would love to help," the Knight said, "but one cannot rest. One you see, is on a Frightfully Important Quest."

"Golly," said the boy in awe, "but on a quest for what?" The Knight looked quite surprised at this, and thought, and frowned (a lot).

"No idea!" declared the Knight, "One hasn't got a clue. A Dragon? A Princess in peril? One wishes that one knew!"

The Knight sat on a nearby rock, still perfectly cheerful - then noticed that the little boy had turned a trifle tearful.

"Oh yes, your name, I quite forgot - your'e also on a Quest. Here, take this letter K - it is my Very Gallant Crest!"

The boy met a colossal beast, with an immense behind, who cried, "You've lost your name? Oh dear! That is an awful bind! I'm the animal," she said, "that never forgets. Never! I'm called an Ele...Elefork...Hang"

She frowned, and sniffed and settled down, onto her vast gray bottom, then sighed deeply, and sobbed, and said, "You know, I've clean forgotten!"

"Now now," the boy said kindly, "there's no need to feel so sore. That trunk, those tusks, those big ears - you're an Elephant, for sure!"

"An Elephant!" the creature cried, "Oh how could I forget?" And she sprayed water happily (making the boy quite wet).

"But oh, my goodness, you still don't remember wha you're called!" And with a pen held in her trunk, she very quickly scrawled: "Here - an E, for...Elephant! It might just help you out. Keep it safe, you'll find your name - of that I have no doubt!"