Alas! The Last

Sitting down against a tree, beside a babbling brook, a monster was absorbed in an extremely clever book.

"Hello young man," it warmly said, "and just what brings you here?"

"Oh please don't eat me," said the boy, all quivering in fear.

It chuckled. "Eat you? No, I live on nuts, and the odd berry. Little children don't agree with my delicate belly"

"But...what exactly are you?" asked the boy. "Your hair's so thick."

"I'm Bigfoot," it replied, "or Sasquatch... Yeti... take your pick!"

"My problems quite the opposite," the little boy exclaimed. "See, ever since this morning, well...I don't have any name."

"Aha!" the Monster cried, "An existential gripe, for sure! But just the sort of problem I like knocking at my door." It gave the boy a letter. "Here, since I've got names to spare, take this Y for Yeti - and on your travels, do take care."