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The website is a story book written and personalized for my seven-year-old son, Rickey. The author, David Cadji-Newby and the Illustrator: Pedro Serapico create personalized children’s books. Their site can be found at I have the expressed permission from the creators to use this story for this project. I was inspired to use a story book design for this website from the lessons provided in “CSS3: Visual Quickstart Guide” and it’s use of excerpts from “Alice In Wonderland.”


THE WEBSITE: This website has seven html pages with proper use of selectors, where six are accessible through the navigation bar at the top of each page, and the seventh page, named “documentation” can be accessed in the footer of each page. Each page includes a “meta” block with the page title and link(s). The title of the site, “The Little Boy Who Lost His Name,” is located in the header on the first page, “It’s Gone,” (the index.html). Following is the navigation unordered list with relative paths to each page. Each subsequent page is named “First Initial” (ch02.html), “Next Two Found” (ch03.html), “Two More Around” (ch04.html), “Alas! The Last” (ch05.html) and “Recovered (recovered.html). A total of 8 cascading style sheets (CSS) are used to style each page. Initially I started with 2 CSS files for the first page, and found that the remaining HTML pages only required CSS file per page. The documentation page also has a corresponding CSS file.

THE DOCUMENTATION PAGE (this page): This documentation page located at the footer of each page, is styled for printing and details the styles implemented into this website and their locations.

SETTING OF FONTS: Each page has fonts that are stacked. The font families are as follows: