The Little Boy
Who Lost His Name

It's Gone!

One day a little boy awoke, sat up and rubbed his eyes, looked over at his bedroom door, and got a big surprise! His Name, which he had stuck there, had vanished, flown away!

"What exactly am I called?" he wondered in dismay.

He searched inside his closet, he peered in all his drawers, he had a look beneath his bed, crouched down on all fours. What's this? A magic rainbow trail! It wasn't there before. Could that be where his name had gone? And did he dare explore?

The boy crept down the winding trail, looking all around, surrounded by fantastic sights, astonished, and spellbound. But finding a lost name is hard, and takes great bravery. How would the little boy get on? Well, let's read on and see!