Historical Place on Earth

My Description

This website is designed in 6 pages. All the pages are linked together and also all the buttons are opening in the different pages. Al the pages have a fixed “background header image” and a “body background image”, as well.

the web page layout is set to “max-width: 1200px” but I used “CSS Media Queries rule” to make adjustments through layout based on the screen size and if we want to shrink the page on the browser, every elements are fine and also I set the “h1” size to “2.4em”and if we want to shrink the page to 1000px, the “h1” changes the size to smaller size. Also for the size of background image I did the same, too. I have set the whole website printing ready as the “media” is set to “all”, and if we want to print the page, we can easily set the printer for “ Print Background” to print the whole css we have styled for the website. for the “Header a. logo” I styled “z-index of 1”

I have set 3 different sections: “main”,” how-to block quote” , and “atmosphere of Iran”. Each of them are styled differently for the assignment with images. The navigation “top” consists of: Home:( My Description) , about:( 1- Foods&Pastries, 2- Persian handicrafts ), and finally Privacy Policy.

3 SVG Vectors are used to highlight and demonstrate each sections differently.

I personally liked the section of my “block-quote” and decorated it with my name and the CIM course I attended.

I also used the “font-family=Josefin+Sans”with all these font sizes: 300,400,400i,700,700i

For the table, I considered two pages (in the pages of “Food & Pastries” and “Persian Handicrafts”) with images, and all the images in the tables, are styled in gradient :”background: linear-gradient(#575b6f, #d2bd9a)”;.

In home.html, in

section, I used the list, for : • CIM 249 (CSS) • Irvine Valley College, Fall 2016

In “Privacy Policy” page, also I styled some custom bullets.

The mouse pointer is set to: footer a { cursor: url('../images/cur18.gif') 50 60,help; } “for the footer area”

The custome border images, for the “Header background”, border of 2px, white color is styled.

The tables are shown in two pages: “Food & Pastries” and “Persian Handicrafts”, with the shadow and boxes and linear-gradient and the caption.

My selective styling was in the section of the block quote and the section of the screen size when the h1 changes into the smaller screen.