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I am a student of programming and design who would like to have skills and knowledge of both front and back-end development tools, and be able to read and code in several popular languages. I have spent two decades in college teaching and now I would like to take a new career path. I am grateful to have access to Treehouse as well as other online and on-the-ground resources for learning code, development and design. I am also interested in data analysis, using databases and Excel.



This project shows the front page of a marketing website for a business in which I am interested.


This project searches through a specific database to find information that the user is interested in looking up.


This project is an application that compares travel times based on different mods of transportation and recommmends the best one.


This project using a mapping application to plot the locations of my favorite spots in the city for a walking tour.


This project shows pictures from a recent trip to the viewer and allows for easy organization and navigation.


A basic calculator application that allows the user to enter numbers and press the "equals" button to obtain the results.


Phone: 1(714)337-9812


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